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Squarei Technologies - In The News

In The News

NatureTracker Rebranded Offero
Squarei Technologies & City of Fort Collins Natural Areas rebrand NatureTracker as Offero
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS - September 2015: NatureTracker has been rebranded as Offero with the intention of developing a distinct offering within the Volunteer Management software industry. Offero is a latin term that loosely translates 'to offer' or 'volunteer'.

Kent Bejcek, CEO of Squarei Technologies, commented "Offero is a one of a kind solution and we are excited to launch under this new name. After several years of research and development we are ready to provide Offero as the industry leader in volunteer management system vertical market."

News - City of Fort Collins Natural Areas
City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department Sells Software License
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS - June 2015: City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department Sells Software License. Fort Collins open space tax dollars are being leveraged by sharing technology in an innovative partnership with a local business and Front Range local governments...

Check out the full story at

News - The Group Real Estate / CorePath
The Group Real Estate and Squarei Technologies Release CorePath
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS - April 2015: Squarei Technologies Inc, in conjunction with The Group Inc Real Estate (TGI), has released a new web based software system. CorePath was specifically designed to track real estate transactions along with their accompanying documentation and workflow. At TGI The solution replaced several antiquated systems and has been a resounding success. Moving forward Squarei and TGI are currently planning to commercialize CorePath making it available to real estate brokers everywhere.

CorePath was built on the Microsoft .Net Framework with the Microsoft Azure Cloud as the hosting and delivery platform.

News - City of Fort Collins Natural Areas
City of Fort Collins Natural Areas and Squarei Technologies Release NatureTracker
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS - July 2013: Squarei Technologies announced the release of Offero, an online activity registration and volunteer management application. Offero was developed for the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department. The new website has an easy to use interface, making it easy to find fun events happening in the community. Before Offero the Natural Areas Department was using several different antiquated systems; this was not only inefficient for staff but a frustrating experience for the public. The primary goal of the new web application is to give the public an easy way to find and sign up for activities as well as provide Natural Areas staff a means to effectively manage the 500+ volunteers that help with the activities annually. “Offero combines four separate systems that we used previously to manage volunteers and registrations. It is going to save us hundreds of hours and it provides a much higher level of customer service for the public and our volunteers. We are very excited to introduce this new system to our staff, volunteers and the public.” said Zoe Shark, Community Relations Manager, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department (

Offero took the Squarei team 6.5 months to build using the latest features of the Microsoft ASP.Net MVC framework and hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform providing a reliable and scalable solution. This will allow the application to grow with the Natural Areas Department into the future.

News - Squarei Hires New Developer
Squarei Technologies Hires New Application Developer - John Early
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS - August 25, 2014 – Squarei Technologies announces the hiring of John Early. John comes back to Colorado after several years in Arkansas working as an application developer; he brings the young exuberance and passion for technology that Squarei Technologies has been providing for over 20 years. John loves technology and his previous experience adds great depth to our team.

News - Squarei Hires New Developer
Squarei Technologies Continues to maintain growth
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 18, 2011 – For the second year in a row, Kent Bejcek and the Squarei team were recognized as one of Northern Colorado’s fasts growing private companies at the annual Mercury 100 event. With a one year growth rate of 8%, Squarei was ranked at number 74.

The Mercury 100 is hosted by the Northern Colorado Business Report, and draws applicants from over 400 companies in Northern Colorado. The rankings are based on 2010 revenue growth between 2009 and 2010, and companies must report over $150,000 for 2009 revenues.

Since opening their doors 15 years ago, Squarei has had their eye on maintainable, profitable growth. This is a goal that has been achieved, with steady growth and profitability each year they have been in operation.

Learn more about the Mercury 100 at

News - Association Online
Association Online: The Central Clearinghouse for Home Owners Information goes live.
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS - April 1, 2011 – The leading Home Owners Association information clearinghouse, and Squarei Technologies entered into a support and development agreement in the spring of 2009. The plan called for Squarei to take over support of their current web application and perform a complete re-write with enhanced functionality to be released in 2010. We are happy to report the project came off within budget and without a hitch (for the most part:). AO customers are ecstatic with the new website and functionality.

As of April 2011 HOA's have uploaded over 6000 association documents and the site has experienced extraordinary market penetration with 25% growth in associations served.

Checkout your home owners association at

News - KeyPoint Government Solutions
Squarei Technologies and KeyPoint Government Solutions renew their staff augmentation agreement.
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS - November 1, 2010: KeyPoint Government Solutions (KGS) and Squarei Technologies extend their ongoing relationship and extend their current staff augmentation agreement through May of 2011. Kent Bejcek, CEO of Squarei Technologies, commented "Our relationship with KGS has expanded in the past few years and we appreciate their confidence in our expertise. It is a great experience working with a world class provider of investigative and security related services for federal, state and local governments." .

News - Ultimate Skills Challenge
Ultimate Skills Challenge and Squarei Technologies Team up to create an online registration web application.
For Immediate Release

FORT COLLINS - May 1, 2010 – Squarei Technologies is proud to announce the release of Ultimate Skills Challenge. Working with Sean Hardy of we produced a dynamic solution for fundraising and competitive skills challenges. Ultimate Skills came to the table with a great idea that supports fundraising, and, at the same time provides a unique opportunity for young athletes to compete and show their skills.

The new website incorporates integrated On-line Event Entry, Custom Shopping Cart Technology, Google Mapping, Custom Scoring Engine, On-line Results, Specialty Promotion Codes, Integration with 3rd Party Prize Supplier, and Custom Reporting among other capabilities.

Sign-up your kid for an event now at .