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At Squarei we pay special attention to Security and Intellectual Property issues. We understand a truly effective security system is followed by every employee and affiliate. We respect our client’s intellectual property rights and business data, taking comprehensive measures to safeguard them.

Information Non-Disclosure
  • Each employee is required to sign a Proprietary Information Agreement as well as an individual NDA at the moment he or she joins the company.
  • The disclosure of proprietary information directly or indirectly to a person not involved in the project along with usage, copying, publishing, summarizing and/or moving this information out of the company’s premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The employees are not allowed to participate in any other business during their employment and are not allowed to use any of their knowledge in the way that may lead to unfair competition upon termination of their employment.
Project-based Intellectual Property Segregation
  • Usage of dedicated resources for each project to enable prevention of unauthorized access to the client’s proprietary information
  • Strong ethical framework existing inside the company ensures that no information is exchanged between projects