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About Fort Collins Natural Areas

The Natural Areas Department's mission is to conserve and enhance lands with existing or potential natural area values, lands that serve as community separators, agricultural lands, and lands with scenic values. Conservation of natural habitats and features is the highest priority while providing education and recreation for the Fort Collins community.


The Challenge

Before NatureTracker the Natural Areas Department was using 4 different antiquated systems as well as numerous spreadsheets, this was not only inefficient for staff but a frustrating experience for the public. The primary goal with the development of the new website was to give the public an easy way to find and sign up for activities. NatureTracker delivers also allowing users to keep track of and provide feedback on activities developed by the Natural Areas Department. Furthermore, NAD staff needed a way to effectively manage the 500+ volunteers that help with the activities annually.

The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department (NAD) had been struggling with systems that made getting things done efficiently next to impossible for years. They were using 4 different resources to try and manage all the moving pieces of their business. Squarei and NAD staff prioritized the list of items that would be included in the first phase of development.

As with most projects, this project called for Squarei engineers to select a technology and architecture that would best meet the needs of the NAD today and in the future. With a limited budget and aggressive timeline the project was broken into development sprints allowing teams to constantly be working on some aspect of the project.

Learn more about our project methodology.


The Solution

The new application was developed over the course of nine months and was delivered on-time and within budget. The application was delivered at an accelerated schedule to meet the seasonal demand of the Natural Areas Department. Data conversion was completed from 3 legacy systems into the new system to ensure almost no downtime (3 days). The new application allows the staff to work smarter with the same resources.

Key Components

  • Easy to use website, accessible from any internet connected device
  • Complex volunteer management solution
  • Public activity search, registration, and feedback
  • Serves public, volunteers, staff and city administrators
  • Delivers reporting on program statistics in multiple formats with multiple criteria easily


Technologies & Solutions

Every project is unique, Squarei will work closely with you and your team to ensure the right technologies are selected for the current project, as well as the future needs of your business.

Engagement Type:
Agreement Type:
Web Application Project and ongoing support/consulting
Client Type:
Land Conservation, Volunteer Management Private Business



One thing we often say is, "Let the work speak for itself." However, we can't get our clients to stop talking. In fact, they have been so pleased with our work, see what they are saying:

Squarei was a pleasure to work with! They learned how our organization operates, learned our lingo and created a computer application that is tailored specifically for us. They even thought of better ways to do things and found ways to add features that we hadn’t even thought of in the beginning.

--Zoe Shark, Community Relations Manager
City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department

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