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Project Methodology

Squarei Technologies is a strong believer in establishing a solid blueprint for each project based on research. The following describes our strategic process for mid to large web development projects.

Strategic Blueprint

Requirements analysis focuses on obtaining the information necessary to develop the strategy for designing and developing new websites. Following the project kickoff meeting, we meet with key stakeholders to define and outline the goals, objectives and success metrics for the new website. Subsequent meetings will help define and plan the content and functionality requirements for the website. This information is used as the foundation to plan the site architecture, measurement strategy and functional requirements of the site.


  • Define how the project will support your objectives and goals
  • Specify the needs of your audiences including staff, constituents, and partner organizations
  • Define the content types needed in the content management system
  • Define and prioritize functionality
  • Define the attributes of each content type
  • Define the measurable success metrics of the project
  • Define the relationships between key content
  • Confirm the budget, timeline and scope

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Project Kickoff Meeting
  • Initiative Goals and Objectives Analysis Meetings
  • Discovery Meeting(s)
  • Content Inventory, Goals & Requirements
  • Project Plan